Release “Corona Virus” (COVID-19) Statement03/17/2020

Anglers Lodge and Cabins is dedicated in preserving the health of our guests. WE ARE OPEN AND WORKING AS NORMAL with prevention protocols in place. A little about the owners indicates our commitment to the new “Corona Virus” (COVID-19). As we are all aware this new virus travels in a fast pace, faster than the flu. As Owners of Anglers Lodge and Cabins we are aware of illnesses that move quickly, our 30 years’ experience in Long Term Skilled Nursing (Owners) of a 5-star facility, only 6 in Utah out of 126 facilities and us being one of them! Unlike most VRBO’s, Airbnb, rentals by owners, hotels, motels and such or travel websites not knowing the true nature or care or nursing home care, we at Anglers Lodge and Cabins do! We run by the Policies and Procedures of CMS, (Center of Medical Services), Medicaid, and Medicare. By following our skilled nursing home policies which encompass over 300+ pages of medical, patient, OSHA, standard nursing standards, facility maintenance reporting, cross contamination and such to name a few along with client policies, practices and rules help to ensure your well-being while your stay at Anglers Lodge and Cabins.

Daily and weekly training and or communication with our staff ensures that (1) - our employees are in the compliance that the CDC and WHO have set forth, (2) – the information provided is to ensure your quality of stay and more importantly your safety along with your family members and guests, are as safe as possibly available under our policies, the CDC, WHO and the State of Montana’s Health Department, until and during the process of finding a conclusive sustainable cure and testing method. Also, the “Corona Virus” will work its way through the entire world as indicated by WHO, CDC and others. Please prepare.

Anglers Lodge and Cabins follows the CDC (Center for Disease Control), and WHO (World Health Organization) for the latest updates, virus prevention protocol, and CMS guidelines as a skilled facility for the safety for all people who visit. Most places simply do not have the policies in place. Our staff will be cleaning anywhere a person has been in contact with to the best of our ability, as well as deep cleaning (as usual) of our cabins prior to your entrance. We strive to ensure the Corona Virus (COVID-19) does not come to Anglers Lodge and Cabins.

Our staff is working diligently as always to ensure your stay in Montana is a clean, sanitized and enjoyable time. Our staff works to sanitize all items that you may be in contact with within our control, we ask that you help during your stay by informing us of any symptoms that you have or are currently feeling to help prevent the further spread of the “Corona Virus”(COVID-19) and we can work with the Health Department to ensure not spreading the virus. At this time, WE DO NOT have any reported cases at Anglers Lodge and Cabins, and with our staff’s help and your help we are confident that Anglers Lodge and Cabins will remain virus free. But, working together is the key! We wish, as you wish and the World as a whole had solid information in regards to the eradication of this virus, but from news reports from multiple sources, CDC, WHO, and many organizations are stating that this issue may remain for quite a few months, possibly years just as a cold or influenza.

We pray for a cure for the virus as you do and are in hopes that the situation may come to a conclusion in a swift manner, if not, please visit the www.cdc.gov website for additional safety protocols that you can take to ensure your virus free. Additional information is available at www.https://www.who.int/ and https://dphhs.mt.gov/ as we believe to be transparent in all circumstances, It’s the Montana Way and the way of our great nation.

Currently all our reservations, weddings, family reunions, currents reservations and other functions will continue as planned this global difficult situation with the “Corona Virus” (COVID-19). If you are feeling unusual in your health condition or know of anyone that has traveled afar, been within close distance, that will be coming. PLEASE get tested before coming and advise the owners / landlord or staff if you are not feeling well, To preserve the health of the other guests who visit Anglers Lodge and Cabins. Please make sure you check the websites provided above to help you, your family and friends with accurate information.

We will continue by using our Facility Policies and Procedures to ensure a clean and sanitized place for you to stay, your effort to keep the cabins in sanitary manner also helps our staff, to help you! Many companies both big and small are placing restrictions on their business and even closing them for a short term, we are in hopes that we are not forced to be put in a situation to limit our guests. We do not foresee this happening, but precautions may be enforced this until further information becomes available for the safety of our guests and tenants. This information will be available on all our social websites, SEO websites and other resources we use for our company. Your privacy will always be protected to the best our ability. We are in hopes as a community, and a Nation at large, we work together to respond to this crisis.


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