(Our Policies)

MEDICAL EMERGENCIES: Please call 911 for assistance.

We are located at:

Anglers Lodge and Cabins

815 B US HWY 93 South

Hamilton, MT 59840



*** Office Hours – 9:00 am – 9:00 pm***

*** Check in time is after 3:00 PM on day of arrival, NO EXCEPTIONS*** Housekeeping is sanitizing your room for you.

*** Quite time is 11:00 pm - 9:00 am

*** Check out time is 10:00 AM – ***NO EXCEPTIONS, Housekeeping needs to prepare for the guest that is following your stay.

*** A valid credit card must be on file as well as a State issued identification***

You will be assessed another days rent on your card (without staying).Our staff needs time to clean the cabins and suites for the next scheduled guests, just like we had it ready for you. This is crucial for our housekeeping and maintenance team to go through the cabin. People have reservations for the cabins and have traveled as far as Japan, booked months, sometimes a year in advance to come to Anglers Lodge and Cabins.

NO SMOKING IN CABINS, SUITES, OR UNDER THE PAVILION – Smokers will pay $1000.00 Cleaning Fee. Dispose of your cigarette / cigar butts or additional fees will be assessed for $50.00 and placed on your card.

Occupancy: Maximum occupancy levels have been established for each cabin and suite. The Guest making the reservation shall list all persons who will occupy or occupy the rental during the dates the guest has reserved the cabin or suite, Anglers Lodge and Cabins reserves the right to terminate the reservation and evict any Guest when the occupancy has been exceeded or a fault statement is made to the number of Guests and age of the guests that are residing in the cabin OR USING THE CABIN FACILITIES. Example: (Reservation for 2 staying at a cabin then having 6+ guests meet at the cabin for a party would constitute grounds for eviction, the pavilion should be used for a fee and the unregistered guests shall use the porta - pottie, this exceeds the number of guests registered and exceeds the capacity.

Laundry: The Laundry room is available on site next to the office, change can be provided during office hours, open from 9:00 am and closes at 9:00 pm. Please get your laundry before the laundry closes. Please be respectful to others who are trying to do their laundry as well, there are 2 washers and 2 dryers in the laundry room with chairs to sit on outside. Please do not start a load of laundry if it cannot be COMPLETED by 9:00 PM. This is because we have lodge suites connected to the lodge.

Responsibility: You, the registered guest are responsible for the cabin and your guests. These are light housekeeping cabins; you are responsible to take your trash out. Clean towels, hand towels, wash clothes will be provided every 2 days, please do not use our good linen to clean your boots, fishing gear, wash your car, and such (we have provided a cleaning towel in a bag on the table for that, if you need more, just ask). For those staying longer than a week, light housekeeping and clean sheets will also be provided. Guests that leave the cabins with trash inside or needing additional deep housekeeping will be charged $50.00 on your card or more as determined by owners for damages and cleaning. If damages carry over to another guests stay and repairs cannot be completed, you are responsible until which time the cabin is rent-able again plus the fees for guests whom have reserved the cabin after you. You will be responsible for disruption of other guests and pay for their rental at another location. There-fore it is important to please care for the cabin and all contents within the cabin and grounds.

False Pretenses: Reservations made under ANY false pretenses will result in forfeiture of advance payments and fees and the party will not be permitted to check in or will be asked to leave WITHOUT REFUND ON ANY KIND. Renting 1 cabin and having people exceeding the maximum occupancy for the cabin in NOT allowed.

Cleanliness: Dishes are to be washed prior to check out and put away in the drying tray for our housekeepers to sanitize. The cabins or suites should be left clean after use. Additional cleaning charges could be assessed on your credit card. Our housekeeping staff will thoroughly deep clean the cabin before and after you leave per Montana and Federal Health Department Regulations. Leaving the cabin or suites full of beer bottles, trash, and such is grounds for extra charges. Charges vary due to the amount of work needed to restore cabin and suites for neglect. Your credit card will be charged $100.00 for cabins left a mess and garbage not taken out.

Dogs: We welcome your dog. No dog may be left unattended at anytime, (inside or out). If you leave your dog in a cabin it MUST be in a kennel and not bark to disrupt other guests. Most folks in Montana take there dogs this them, they are family.

Please do not tie your pet to the porch and leave. Dogs must be on a leash or an electronic device that keeps them contained to your area. Please clean up after your pet. Doggie station for bags are located throughout the grounds or the front office. Please throw used doggie bags directly into the main trash receptacles located by the lodge to avoid smelling up the cabins or suites. (Dogs must be kenneled if you leave your cabin, a fee will be charged to your account if left alone, no exceptions, plus any damages or extra cleaning fees maybe incurred if your pet potties a cabin). Please keep pets off all furniture and beds.Pet blankets are available, just ask us at the office for your pooch to lay on prior to arrival.

Damage: People renting the cabins are responsible for any damages caused by themselves or any guest that may come to visit the cabins or surrounding Anglers Lodge and Cabins grounds. ANY damages will be charged to your credit card. Please supervise your guests to make sure everyone has a good time, for the safety of all, guests are encouraged to check in at the office.

Please no tents, tarps, sleeping bags, canopies with bottoms, float tubes, inflatable loungers, boats allowed on the grass, these items burn up the grass and make it unsightly and hard to repair. No clothing to be left out to dry on fencing at anytime. Please hang it up in the shower to dry.

The Lake: NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY! No diving into the lake at anytime, the depth varies and we do not want anyone hurt. Children under the age of 18 are required to be supervised by an adult at all times, Anglers Lodge and Cabins is NOT responsible for anything that may happen while swimming. Please make sure children have life preservers on while in or around the lake. They are available for rent at “The Roost” the RV park down the rode, but maybe cheaper at a store in town.

Intoxicated: Intoxicated guest are discouraged from swimming, please help your friends or family members with your group with intoxicated individuals. It is your responsibility. Anglers Lodge and Cabins has the right to refuse service for VERY disruptive guests. Please drink responsibly.

NO LIFE GUARD ON DUTY, Please designate someone responsible and over the age of 18 to watch your guests if they swim in the lake. The lake has a depth of over 25 feet. WE RECOMMEND LIFE VESTS!

Firearms and Fireworks: NO use of Firearms while on the grounds at anytime. NO Fireworks at anytime. NO OPEN CARRY WHILE ON THE GROUNDS OF ANGLERS LODGE AND CABINS. The OWNERS,  DESIGNATED STAFF or people designated by the OWNERS or STAFF may approve or disapprove of any firearms, air pistols, air rifles, sling shots or anything that may harm an animal or person.ONLY THE OWNER HAS THE RIGHT TO OPEN CARRY OR SHOOT ANY GAME OF ANY KIND ON THE PROPERTY, or shoot ANY WEAPON, arrow, pellet, BB round or any other projectile on the grounds. The owner may at the Owners approval allow others to safely and upon the OWNERS discretion allow anyone to fire ANY PROJECTILE. Only the owner has the right to fire any projectile of any kind.!  

ATV / OHV’s: No ATV’s or OTV's allowed on the grounds, Anglers Lodge and Cabins has 2 ATV’s used for maintenance and housekeeping purposes only. We can help you find a good place to ride your though!.

Trash: Please take out your trash to trash container daily or as needed, additional garbage bags are provided under the sink next to the garbage can, if you need additional garbage bags please come to the office and we will be happy to assist you. We like to keep the cabins free of ants, smells and such. The 2 big black trash receptacles by the office as you enter or exit is where the trash cans are located.

Fishing: Fishing the lake is catch and release only! Anyone taking any fish, turtle, frogs or any wildlife will be asked to leave without refund immediately. Catching them and showing them for pictures is encouraged and fun, but please do not let them die by doing so, or take them off the grounds.

Terrain: Please watch your step, Montana and the grounds have places that may be uneven.

Vehicles and Parking: Only 2 vehicles per cabin, if you need additional parking please come to the office. There are fire lane issues that must be observed and followed. All boats / trailers need to park in designated area. Please ask and we will be happy to help you. No RV trailers or Motor homes.

Pavilion: The Pavilion is available upon reservation for large groups; please contact the office if you wish to rent the pavilion. The pavilion rents out for $500.00 for 4 hours for registered guests, if not already booked for a wedding or other function. It accommodates quite a few people and has 2 gas and charcoal combination barbecues to cook the way you choose. (Propane is provided) It has lighting to provide the perfect atmosphere your group. If you are going to have a band, DJ or something that requires additional power please talk with office we will be happy to assist you and see if we can fulfill your needs. Pavilion tables / benches are to remain inside the pavilion, unless you have permission from the office. Please ask and let’s see if we can accommodate your needs. The Pavilion is a added charge if used and must be approved by Anglers Lodge and Cabins.

Changes to Policy: These Policies may be changed at anytime by Anglers Lodge and Cabins without notice.

Exterior Furniture: Cabin Barbecues and Adirondack chairs are to remain on cabin decks, No Exceptions. We have additional plastic chairs for your needs. Picnic tables are to be left where they are as to not damage the grounds or property.

Interior Furniture: Interior furniture is to remain in the cabin, No Exceptions. Do not take kitchenware from one cabin to another, you will be charged if items are missing per our inventory and charged to your card, inventory is done prior to arrival and at departure by our staff, if something gets broken please contact the office so a replacement item may be put in the cabin. We suggest buying paper plates, plastic spoons, forks and disposable items that can be purchased cheap at local stores. If you reserve the pavilion, for example: is a perfect time for disposable items. Again we inventory each cabin prior to arrival and at departure, broken or missing items may be charged to your account.

Drugs: No illegal drugs of any kind, regardless if you have another State’s Marijuana Medical ID Card, we are a drug free environment. If you need to smoke Marijuana please respect the others and smoke off the grounds of Anglers Lodge and Cabins.

Fire Pits: The fire pits are open unless closed to fire danger posted by county or state, we have 2 fire pits on a first come first service basis, if several cabins feel it is appropriate, ask if you mind joining in to cook up a marsh mellow, tell some fishing stories, scary stories or join a sing along. We are all here for a good old time; it never hurts to meet new people. Just remember to put the fire completely out! Sprinklers come on at 1:00 AM just to make sure fire is out.

Refunds: No refunds without 14 days notice, short stays, family emergencies, failure to follow policy, or increment weather is no reason for any refunds. Please remember we could have offered your cabin or suite to other quests if we had 14 days notice, but with such short notice it would make it hard to fill your confirmed reservation.

Guests hold harmless (CABIN LOFTS): Any Registered guest, or guests of registered guest using the loft for sleeping shall hold-harmless Anglers Lodge and Cabins. The loft stairs can be a fall hazard if coming down them facing towards the living room, please use the handrails to go back down the stairs just as you did when you went up. With your back towards the living room. Coming down the other way is a fall hazard as well as rushing down the stairs, please take your time. It is the responsibility of the Registered Guest to watch and ensure the safety of young children climbing the stairs or any guests. ALL GUESTS, OF REGISTERED GUESTS, MUST CHECK-IN AT OFFICE IN AN EFFORT TO MAINTAIN OTHER REGISTERED GUESTS PRIVACY AND CABIN PARKING STALLS. ANY GUEST OF A REGISTERED GUEST NOT CHECKING IN TO OFFICE WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE GROUNDS. For the safety of ALL our guests, we require non- registered guests to just drop by the office and let us know there names and license plate number.

Policy: Anglers Lodge and Cabins recognizes that some folks think our policies are strict in nature (most don’t) and understand, but we all have come a long way to enjoy a beautiful location where we all can have fun in our own responsible way. We are all adults living, reliving and for many their first time to experience or gain a passion for the outdoors, in a Montana environment. We look forward to making everyone’s stay at Anglers Lodge and Cabins a fun loving trip and help to enhance the adventure that you are on. Please let us help you, help us by following these policies.

Repairing Vehicles: No repairing of vehicles on the grounds.We can assist you in finding a tow truck to a reliable repair shop.

Cancellation Period: There is a 14 day cancellation period prior to arrival if some unforeseen reason comes and you cannot make it here to Montana. If you cancel your reservation 15 days prior to your arrival date we will refund your deposit, if not your card will be charged for the full amount of your stay.

Questions: If you have any questions please feel free to contact Anglers Lodge and Cabins at 406-363-0980 to make your stay more enjoyable. We work with fishing and hunting guiding services and such that are reputable and can lead you to exciting fishing, hunting and scenic floats with dinner. Please let us know prior to arrival and we can give you names and numbers.

Thank you for choosing Anglers Lodge and Cabins for your vacation, trip, wedding venue, or family reunion venue. We will try our best to make sure you have a nice stay here at Anglers Lodge and Cabins.

Please be courteous to others that come here to enjoy the scenery, the agenda they have may be different than yours. Let’s all enjoy Montana’s beauty in a respectful way. By making reservations, you agree to these terms.

Governing Law: Montana Law, County of Ravalli, City of Hamilton shall govern the interpretation of this Policy, also included in each cabin.